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22.09.2022 22:22
Unfortunately that stays pretty constant, you just eventually get used to it
21.09.2022 23:21
I promise it gets better. Calculus is lots of fun, you don’t use much algebra since it is all logic. It may because math and STEM are special interests of mine, but eventually you begin to see the patterns everywhere and realize that everything biological is really chemical, everything chemical is really physical, and everything physical is really mathematical. You begin to realize the truth: math is the heart of the universe. Music is arguably math in one of its purest forms. Right now, it seems tedious and useless (trust me, geometry is just like that), but eventually, it becomes something beautiful and wonderful. Heck, I am even thinking about using the topological mathematics of knitting as the basis for my Capstone project, and am studying computer science and physics at uni. Art is math and math is art. Left brain and right brain theories are lies: every type of thinking is enmeshed with its brethren.
20.09.2022 10:58
All of tumblr approves. Thank you for making our day.
11.08.2022 16:31
Not quite. A male witch is not quite the equivalent of a wizard; a warlock would be more appropriate. Or just a witch, which is actually a historically gender-neutral term.
11.08.2022 12:02
Yeah that was when I knew the jig was up That one guy with the cp was by far the worst, I hope he was IP-blocked, not just regular blocked, though that can be circumvented easily enough Luckily account creation just isn't a thing rn, I think he's gone for good? The HIGH point however, was when one person figured out how to add SOUND to flipanims, I figured out how they did that, but the old editor was down before I could implement it. I wish Mr. FA didn't abandon his site, it'd be cool if he added sound or even image capabilities, with disclaimers below animations containing either.
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Sierpinski Triangle Fractal
2 years ago
this isnt even art
2 years ago
2 years ago
you wanted some fricking text
2 years ago
Lol, sorry Bobodaedaedude
2 years ago