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26.07.2018 23:52
also i'm at the emergency room using the internet on me mom's computer rn. (at the er bc I have an infection )
26.07.2018 23:49
this account is gonna be dead for a while on and off bc the only internet access i'll get this summer is at the library. ;o; oh. be really quiet. can you hear it?...…. that's the sound of me losing followers...…. yeah I lost like six followers (bears teeth... yeesh. I haven't been on because me and my fam are living at a women's shelter right now (none of anyone's business but I just wanted y'all to know that i'm not off fa to be rude or ignore you or anything and i'm not completely dead currently, just away for a while. Not to be like, "oh poor me i'm in a shelter" just like so you guys know that my account's not dead and I still love you (: Stuff is bad right now but it's getting better so don't worry tho.
18.07.2018 05:24
03.07.2018 18:30
aaaah i love your art
03.07.2018 00:18
no ideaq (:
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doodle and an announcment
5 years ago
k hi
6 years ago
i'm sorta backish???
6 years ago