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04.01.2023 03:03
switching accs rn. been fun.
04.01.2023 02:13
Hey guys if you havent noticed by now i changed my pass out of panic and i cant ****ing remember what it is now i couldnt save it and i didnt wrote it down. i am very very mad about how stupid i was nathan (@Sphynx-) gave me a spare acc and ill be using that from there on ill delete my anims then ill go to the acc i..really ****ing hate that i gotta move outta this acc. i love this acc to death. its sucks like..yall think its just a acc but it meant alot to me. my ****ing dumbass had to change it to smth i cant remember. well. i love yall all nh. i do. ill go comment in my chain in my new acc after i delete all my anims.
03.01.2023 15:23
fountain mouse
03.01.2023 02:01
you are a ****ing epic person
02.01.2023 22:16
alright thats good.. i..wish i knew what to say or do to help you and your brother..i just..hope for the best..ik it isnt alot but i hope you and your brother luck..
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look over there
8 months ago
@followers IMPORTANT
8 months ago
if your still a friend of-
8 months ago
look guys./imp
9 months ago