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Registered: 13.11.2020
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13.11.2020 03:52
omg....... This is so amazing and looks like something strait out of horror so 10\10
13.11.2020 03:48
hello all i want to say is.. whoever has the robot skin looks great
13.11.2020 03:26
just so everyone knows this charicters name is bill cipher the desighn is sorta mine but the concept itself is from the show gravity falls.i reccomend you watch it and have a berry good day.
13.11.2020 02:44
how the f did someone make this.... its amazing!
Animations (4)
random animation
3 years ago
a rushed animation
3 years ago
a poster to hang
3 years ago
this character cred to grvfals
3 years ago