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31.12.2017 10:11
lilacluna: hey jimbo. sorry about that drug incident we had one time. i just didn't want you to end up like my sister. do you forgive me?
31.12.2017 10:03
pinkamena: and yes. i am gay.
31.12.2017 10:00
pinkamena: i know fox is a girl, i just said it was gay, cuz it sounded gay.
31.12.2017 09:59
amy.exe: tails, we better turn into our normal forms so we don't scare toon link. *turns into normal amy*
31.12.2017 09:56
zalgo pie: *passes out and drops toon link* toon link: /> - <\" *muffled crying cuz of the bandana* *struggles* (he's still scared from that experience with zalgo pie)
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