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11.03.2021 18:52
well im rlly new and idk how to work the animations
11.03.2021 18:51
i want 2 collabb
11.03.2021 18:48
i do! and im new 2
11.03.2021 18:47
ooooooh the out fit should be black with gold chains Same with the mask and have her and it should be something like this wiki i found "Miraculous Ladybug is a beautiful hero who can save the city. The story takes place in a romantic city - Paris. Marinette and Adrien of the same class were chosen to save Paris. They spend their every day and night to fight with the villain to guard their beautiful city. Marinette uses a pair of magic earrings to turned into ladybug," ok
11.03.2021 18:43
wow! hi UwU And ty <3 Chain Timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Haha
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