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16.04.2024 00:03
hi. it's been a while. i wiped almost all my animations/drawings from this account because i don't want to be associated with this site at all and i want to keep my social media presence to a minimum. this site and most of the people on here, while i used them as a form of escapism, affected me in negative ways and i feel as though wiping my accounts that i can still access will finally bring me some form of closure. i have done many questionable and terrible things during my time on this website that i regret doing a lot and i feel guilty for doing. i'm sorry to those i hurt, whether we were friends or if were on bad terms. i have and still am working on becoming a better person. note: one year ago i have had various accusations thrown at me off-site, some serious, some stupid, and some completely outright false. i am in the process of debunking these claims off-site via a google document that is near completion. when i finish the document i most likely will post the link on here.
23.04.2020 16:59
23.04.2020 16:05
y’all r p
13.02.2020 21:10
Aw **** I commented
13.02.2020 21:09
Haha, y’all single hoes. :shades:
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