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Registered: 09.04.2019
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09.04.2019 19:18
Ok, so basically my cousin said to critize this, so guess what I'm doing? So the potato doesn't seem to get stopped or even slowed down by the lego. Now, this is something that is conditional because for all I know, this could've been made with the intent of the potato is a liquid; meaning it can squeeze between the "obstacles" of the lego. So... not much to criticize and I really like it! - CRITICIZER OUT
09.04.2019 19:10
Ok, so not much to criticize here (a friend told me to criticize this sooo sorry!) For one, I feel the dragon's head would lean back before he actually sneezed. Similar to how humans lean back to lean for to counteract the sneeze's pushing back your head force. This is why it's a bit of a concern for what your talking about a "sneeze". Also, I feel the "siliva" or "snot" would launch more forward with the gravity we have on Earth. Unless this dragon is on Jupiter or Saturn! - Critizer OUT
09.04.2019 18:28
P.S. One more thing, the clouds at the top seem to be weirded and off. Usually clouds vary just like the tornado. They also don't have very large black lines seperating them from the sky!
09.04.2019 18:27
Ok, so this is gonna be a long two part comment! For one, the grass at the bottom where the tornado is on its journey gets removed after it travels in that spot. Now, the hill/ grass/ whatever is also normally colored in, but I can't say that as some artist do take their style that way. So thats harder to critize The tornado's coloring and movement is also probably completely off. The color of a tornado tends to vary. A tornado usually varies in color from gray to dark gray. A tornado's top usually is slower so that part is correct except for the fact that it doesn't move at all. The rain... uhh... the rain. The rain looks like it starts, stops, starts, stops, etc. It does not look continuous like real life. That is all I got so... - CRITIZER OUT
09.04.2019 18:18
Well, one it looks wrong. Next, if you look at an actual swing, it should be connected and not just barely glued together. Most swings don't just go up and down. Some of them "accidentally" swing from left to right and not top to bottom. I get that you're a beginner in animation, as you don't have an account. But this is criticism that is supposed to help you in your future animations :) - Critizer OUT
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