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21.07.2023 16:17
Thank you! I remember you! You were very nice to me! :)
21.07.2023 16:13
Let's just say, not that old 😂 I don't really want to reveal my age online, sorry.
21.07.2023 16:07
Did I ever advertise on ur animations? I prob did 😂 I used to advertise sooooo much 2 years ago.
21.07.2023 16:06
Ikr lol.
21.07.2023 15:56
Hi everybody. I know it's been a while. I have been looking at my old animations and let's just say, they are TERRIBLE lol. I'm going to be deleting them all and maybe drawing some new ones. Idk because I am not really sure how much I am going to be on this website. So maybe I'll upload again one day. For now, chao.
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It's been a couple of years...
4 months ago
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3 years ago