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20.03.2019 14:01
just a lil :,) And that was actually when I didn't know what gay really was and I was actually justy hating on a certain ship *cough cough* *sonadow* I'm actually really dumb -3-
28.10.2017 17:45
A mystery of how well you draw, hmm, I call upon the power of science! Carbon + Hydrogen = Oxygen Oxygen x Methane = Logic Logic + Art x Skill - Logic = Art Skills
28.10.2017 16:46
My friend would NEVER do suicide and if she did she would have a lot of friends who would miss her funny attitude and great friendship. You people need to keep what you have to say to yourselves.
28.10.2017 16:43
Why you people talking bout my friend like dis shame on you all oh hi Riley! :3
28.10.2017 03:42
so relatable
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