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Registered: 02.06.2020
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04.06.2020 21:09
Dang girl! 👏 (Also btw if your a boy sorry didn't mean to guess your gender... 💎)
03.06.2020 00:27
Good animation I liked it! 👏
03.06.2020 00:25
Consider me your 2,700th follower!
03.06.2020 00:21
ME WHEN SOMEBODY SAYS SOMEBODY ATE BACON and I don't care THEN at that time I forget I have to keep my role as a pig. (I raided my school once to try to in force a nation Peppa pig day it didn't end well.. 🐷🐽🐖🇱🇷 Also this isn't a joke I actually did good thing somebody else took the blame and they didn't take their leader down with them aka me.)
03.06.2020 00:18
I like how you added a shadow most animators forget. (Quick tip um if you can try added a light source to show were the light is coming from.)
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