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Registered: 21.09.2019
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21.09.2019 18:20
Btw, there's a paper bag on my head. So u guys don't know my face. I don't draw my face. I just use random heads and bodies. <:D
21.09.2019 18:19
Hi. I just made a account. I made other drawings before I created this account. Its by NotTellingYou. Hope you enjoy all of my anim's :D
21.09.2019 18:12
Hey, animeters... What do you see? a) dino b) sun & clouds c) other dino eating tree d) bee. answer below... answer: all of the above. a, b, c, and, d. GIVE YOURSELF 100 POINTS FOR QUICK EYESIGHT!!
21.09.2019 18:09
Sly Fox. Dumb Bunny. Dumb Fox. Sly Bunny. (Zootopia)
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