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07.10.2021 18:32
-derstand . Some people I knew on here are still my friendz if not best friendz and I'm grateful for having them . So thank you Sugar , Sammy , Kelly for still being with me despite me being such an asshole LMFAO + ty to Jess who never waz on here <33 love y'all /p I will comment on my newest acc under thiz thingy
07.10.2021 18:29
I'm writing a new apology cause I can and I never really felt like I waz being genuine so I already started a new account monthz ago and I also left lmaoo but yeah Everyone whoz on here and I've hurt I am really sorry . I waz still an immature kid and I didnt know any better . I still am a small kid but I've grown since then and I know I've been shitty az **** towardz most people on here . I have been so mean to everyone after I got that feature . It really sucked It waz my first time I felt truly special so ig that waz the problem I thought I could do whatever I wanted on thiz site cause no one knew me irl and when I started getting hate ( ? ) I didn't know what to do cause I never experienced something like that so I kept being negative and I never really knew how to deal with it so yeah to the people I've hurt and never apologized properly - I'm sorry . I'm sorry I treated you that way . I could've prevented it if I wasn't a dumb kid but I didn't . I hope you accept thiz apology - if not I un
07.10.2021 17:54
plz dont comment on thiz animation itz old and thiz whole account makez me feel shitty about my past lmfao
06.12.2019 11:35
Hello (^^) Im not on here anymore but I just whanted to say hello so um yea xD
04.09.2019 12:54
So uhh how are you...?
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My new account!!!
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You spin me right 'round
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