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15.05.2020 09:56
You can if lolz saw this or even if you need to talk to somebody :p
15.05.2020 09:43
happy late birthday
06.05.2020 10:31
06.05.2020 10:17
Hey if you ever see this demi or lolz (i like how that's my user as well :p) I'm going through bad times aswell so if you ever need to talk to somebody about something I'm here for you I'll listen my email is hfxschreibe@myhalifax.us demi if you see this can you give this to lolz....? please and thank you also once you see this demi or lolz can you delete it I don't want others emailing me
03.05.2020 01:26
This is so good it should get featured
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testing -.-
4 years ago
18+ animation
I'm not okay
4 years ago