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Registered: 01.11.2020
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05.11.2020 14:39
Kiki: *rips paper* I said I dont want to hear it. Lia:....After the life I gave you. After everything i gave you. Wait no. I was wrong to date you. Kiki: No.... Lia: Mhm!! Now we need a break from eachother
05.11.2020 14:33
Lia: *grumbles in morning* Kiki: Whats wrong? Lia: Nothing. Kiki: I said whats wrong. Lia: ITS NOTHING YOU DUMB *****! Kiki:... You know about my past. And now I feel the same about it. Lia; I- Kiki: I dont want to hear it.
05.11.2020 03:12
Lia: Nice body! Lets show it out~ Kiki: No you Pervert/Baka
05.11.2020 02:49
Kiki: WHY AM I ON THE WEB! Lia: Oh I don't know, I recorded your cute voice Kiki: *Turns red as a tomato* Lia: *Kisses* Kiki: *Kisses back*
04.11.2020 15:08
im just gonna watch him eat
Animations (3)
Lia: Kiki Im sorry............
3 years ago
My cute girlfriend *Kiki* sing
3 years ago
oof glitch
3 years ago