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01.12.2023 14:51
and congrats to whoever actually read alla that
01.12.2023 14:51
And that's all the main characters. The side/bg characters are all basically irrelivant to the plot (to a certain extent) Can y'all tell what my favorite tribe is? (it looks like Sky but it's actually Ice. I just can't design IceWings like I can SkyWings😭😭) Anyways. That was a lot of info. Imma head out now. cya in whenever *vanishes*
01.12.2023 14:46
Hawk - Skywing - The soldier Owl fell in love with - Helped raise Swallow and Flame the first few years of their life before his death :( - He was a kind soul, similar to Bear - Died by an IceWing attack (it was Kodiak who was salty at him) Cactus - SandWing - A hyper, sweet, bundle of chaos - best friends with Swallow and Flame - Very extroverted - Raised her 4 siblings by herself (her parents were turds) - Fell for a HiveWing named Lemon Lemon - HiveWing - His mother sent him across the Pantalan/Pyrrhian ocean as an egg, hoping to get him away from the evil queen's rule - Raised by RainWings - Called a BeeWing - Sweet and kind - Always felt like an outcast - RainWing mother's name is Honey Eclipse - NightWing - Bloodborn (thought caster and doom seer) - Anxious all the time - Wears a skyfire earring so her thoughts aren't heard by everyone - Constant headache :( - Friends with Flame, who's temper helps to keep her calm (which makes no sense but she feels protected ig :skull:)
01.12.2023 14:40
New cast/characters: "Swallow"tail - SkyWing - Firescales - Timid and quiet - Introverted - Avoids other organisms "Flame"less - Skywing - very little fire :( - Angy 24/7 - Also introverted - Can read people like a book (Kinda mind reading but not) Owl - Skywing - The mom - Dies at some point - Her ex is an insane IceWing - fell in love with a SkyWing soldier that later died in a battle - works her butt off to provide for her family - Lost her only son to her ex who wanted to keep him :( Kodiak - Icewing - The crazy ex - Animus - Has a bad temper - Loves and misses Owl but doesn't know why she left him (side affect of the animus magic - Controlling of Bear (the child) and Swallow (whom he posessed w/ his magic) Bear - Ice/Sky - A quiet and kind soul - Very caring and only wants whats best for everyone - Hates his dad - Thinks Kodiak ki//ed his mom - Best friends with Swallow and Flame
01.12.2023 14:34
So i need to rewrite the beginning of the story bc I want it to be set way before the SandWing Succession War or way after and Jade Mountain Academy doesn't exist so I gotta make a new beginning. :( BUT NEW CHARACTERS!!! SO COOL!!!
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