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Registered: 13.04.2021
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10.05.2021 19:37
It is so good!
10.05.2021 19:30
Two things: 1. I have one more message for everyone: if you don't have anything nice to say, do not talk until you have something nice to say. 2. I am sorry if my art is sloppy. I do not care, so don't tell me it is sloppy, I just want no one to cuss.
10.05.2021 15:43
the f word... i have seen it so many times in this chat. Please do not use the f word.
19.04.2021 13:24
I used to have a parakeet she was very nice, but she sadly passed away and the drawing of the parakeet reminded me of her. RIP Lucky, 9/26/2020-12/19/2020
19.04.2021 13:11
so cool!
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please don't cuss
3 years ago