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20.01.2022 15:05
20.01.2022 14:55
lmao same but a lot of people probably hate me now
20.01.2022 04:34
Child here. My mom confiscated furry porn that I drew 2 months ago. She was looking through my folders because couldn't find this assignment that was due. She got to the folder. I tried to tear it away from her, but she shoved me and told me to go to my room. So I'm in my room with a knife about to slit my wrist or something and then she calls me back down and yells at me, then hugs me, then asks why I was drawing that, then tells me that she used to draw stuff like that when she was my age but I still shouldn't unless I raise my grades. My 9 yo brother is sitting at the table while this is happening. My mom made me clean out my backpack and threw the porn away. I still sell it at school and my grades are still shit, but I have a 100 in art, so it's not all that bad.
17.10.2021 02:52
17.10.2021 00:38
I looked up my legal name and found some anime girl shit
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