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12.02.2018 18:47
both drug mules and memes
12.02.2018 18:46
They can give you one hell of a time
12.02.2018 18:31
jet fuel cant melt steel beams
12.02.2018 18:30
thx m8
12.02.2018 18:08
Another Athiest! You know what fascinates me? governments. We've been taught that communism's bad and capitlism is good. but look at the homeless, are they happy? Think about movies. The good guy has a job and pays his taxes. were does the tax money go to? THE GOVERNMENT! They've been manipulating us like puppets and we didn't even know about it! What if communism can abolish poverty?! What if the government is the scary, red death? If you look at North Korea and us... We are both being manipulated by the government. The only difference between bad guys and good guys is that one wins and one loses.
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