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07.04.2020 15:56
Smh, and if ever DOES get featured, smh. Good luck getting a comeback for that.
07.04.2020 15:55
I never read the comments until now and realized my comment did not go through crediting the person.
07.04.2020 15:54
and its not my art
07.04.2020 15:54
Sorry about that i'll stop that person was just really nice to me.
07.04.2020 15:53
-_- Yeah I can't draw, there just so good at drawing and tbh when you call people's drawings bad it just means you cant freaking draw so I don't know what you mean calling other people's art freaking not worthy! Honestly. Everything is worthy. That person has a kind heart and your call there art trash smh. Okay buddy I bet they work so hard on there art, unlike people like you who basically just called somebody's art trash. smh
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