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Registered: 09.07.2020
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22.09.2020 16:26
This is very bad, like I could do so much better than this awful, terrible hideous lame excuse for a animation. Whoever likes this...I don't know what to say!
22.09.2020 16:19
Oh, please
22.09.2020 16:19
So dumb and stupid. Find something else to like, this is trash, like seriously
22.09.2020 06:02
This is ugly, stupid, and very pathetic. I hate this garbage. This stupid ugly hideous mess. I HATE IT. Yeah, that's right, and hate is a VERY bad word, but I really do Hate it. And when I say HATE, I mean HATE it.
22.09.2020 05:43
This is absolutely trash. I hate this piece of crap. This is the worst thing I have ever seen. Fake, stupid retarded lame animation. This animation stinks. I HATE it.
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