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31.12.2019 06:21
Smooth and adorable!
31.12.2019 06:19
A beautiful mans
31.12.2019 06:01
Sup, my name is Mady. I'm more known as Alkiva tho (fursona), I'm a chubby stupid 16 year old with way too much personality. I mainly do singing but I like doing art in my downtime. I have a red streak in my hair to honer one of my favorite music artists boyinaband. I'm a stupid ****ing stoner with a passion for history and an addiction to weird animals and an affinity to the colour black. Known at school for being really bright but too lazy to do work. My dream? to become a crazy pet lady living in an apartment in toronto with my lizards, birds and dogs alongside my boyfriend of a year.
31.12.2019 05:00
how can she see? her eyes are completely covered by her hair? does she not have a forehead? this character is magical.
24.12.2019 06:18
is there a way for me to edit my animations after I upload them?
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Lip syncing practice
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18+ animation
18+ animation
18+ animation
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