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03.06.2022 01:45
Younger people who call themselves transgender may have been (I hate this word but) groomed. It does not happen as often as some people want you to think, but it happens. -Dick
03.06.2022 01:43
Many people believe that they are transgender (particularly people born with female sex characteristics) only because they enjoy things that are typically enjoyed by members of the opposite sex. Most, if not all, of these people detransition later in life. They are different from people who believe that they are transgender due to discomfort in being in a body that aligns with the sex they had at birth. Some people, such as myself, prefer to be called transsexual or transsex. -Dick
03.06.2022 01:27
i guess -prick
03.06.2022 01:25
you seem like it. -prick
03.06.2022 01:23
no, this post is just childish. it was a simple question. -prick
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