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Registered: 14.10.2019
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08.11.2019 22:27
Um, you still need to use him. If you don't want him then I'd gladly take him back. I didn't know where to post this apart from your most recent anim, sorry! (Strike 2)
26.10.2019 22:48
Hey you have adopted this boi and you need to use him again, you used him once (a week ago). (Strike 1)
20.10.2019 20:43
Langosace if it's ur main oc
17.10.2019 21:59
Cute! But I'd like it if you kept their design? I really loved the original design and worked hard. I don't wanna be rude, but it just kinda ruins the point of an adoptable if you change the whole look of the OC? Sorry if I'm annoying..
17.10.2019 21:57
1. Never change the design of my adoptables. I spent hard work making their designs and it would make me sad for someone to make them a new OC. Wanna change it? Make your own. 2. Do not use it once and then forget all about it! You'll have 3 strikes: STRIKE 1 - I will give you a warning to draw them. STRIKE 2 - I will give you another warning. STRIKE 3 - I will take the adopt back. 3. Please don't beg, this won't decrease your chances of getting picked but I just don't like it. I can't really think of anything else..
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