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08.07.2018 18:49
*To see the theater? Lol no, she came with me to the theater xD*
08.07.2018 18:48
To lighten the mood somewhat though, my friend came with me to see the theater and through the course of the biggest movie of the decade, she spilled half the popcorn and dropped her phone three times, causing my sister and her friends to have to turn on their phone flashlights to look for it. And keep in mind the cinema was completely packed, this was a sold-out show and I think everyone at the theater hated us ?
08.07.2018 18:45
I KNOW RIGHT JKKSJSKSKSK But I honestly don’t think he’s coming back this time ?
03.07.2018 20:36
Remind me again why all the best animations are called “Untitled” by Anonymous?
03.07.2018 19:48
Np and RIP MY GOLD HORNED BOI you shall be missed, like no Marvel you cannot do that Wipe out half the universe but spare Loki please
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